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TOGETHER we are feeding the needs of our COMMUNITY and making a difference.
WE are America's restaurants and we are MAKING CHANGE.

Check reception at American Red Cross Mid-Dakota Chapter to support victims of flooding in Minot, ND

Minot, North Dakota


The Nicely Family
Todd and Crystal

It is impossible not to ask Cpl. Todd Nicely what happened when you first meet him. The 26-year-old Marine uses prosthetic limbs on both arms and legs. But Todd doesn’t revisit the day he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan as an infantry squad leader on his way back from a security patrol. He says he lost both his hands and his lower legs in the blast and then stops. He will, “spare you the gory details,” he says.

Now, he is one of only three men - a soldier and two Marines - from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to survive an attack as a quadruple amputee. But he doesn’t talk about that either. Instead, he will tell you how determined he was to get up out of bed, and get on with his life. “My plan was to get up and get out of the hospital as soon as possible,” Todd said. “I knew the quicker I learned to use these [prosthetics], the quicker I could make that happen.” Todd has undergone several surgeries and has more to face. But he was up and walking less than three months after the attack. Read More

What is Round It Up America®?

Founded by leaders in the restaurant industry, Round It Up America® (RIUA) is a non-profit organization that strives to make change across America through a simple, yet powerful charitable giving program.

Mission Partners - participating RIUA restaurants - provide their patrons with the opportunity to "round up" their purchases to the nearest dollar upon the close of credit card sales. Donations are then distributed to charities quarterly.

In addition to being a platform for the American public to donate to charity, Round It Up America® serves as a vehicle for Mission Partners to easily increase company giving. Mission Partners simply select up to three charities each year to be recipients of their patrons' donations. While the individual donations may be nominal, their collective sum is powerful. Small change can indeed make big change.

Who are we helping?

Local non-profit agencies, including food banks, homeless shelters, crisis relief centers, emergency assistance for military troops and their families, and services that protect the welfare of children and older adults living in our communities.

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How will the funds be granted?

Community Impact: America's Restaurants Making Change

Each restaurant's fund is distributed accordingly:

75% - Flexible Giving
Restaurant selects up to 3 non-profit organizations as grant recipients

10% - American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

6% - ProStart® Programs

5% - State Restaurant Educational Foundations
1% - National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

7% - RIUA Fund Manager and Administrative Fees

2% - Credit Card Interchange Fees (recovered by Mission Partner)


Donate now to support Round It Up America's mission to provide the platform for each and every one of us to donate change and collectively raise millions of dollars for the many charitable organizations and programs that support our communities across America.

We are a 501(c)3 and the donations are fully tax-deductible!

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