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Become a Mission
Partner Today

Become a Partner

Mission Partners

Mission Partners are businesses committed to giving back to their community that would like to collect donations for their chosen charities using the Round It Up® platform.

Multiple ways to raise funds

  • Offer customers the ability to donate or round up at checkout.
  • Accept consumer donations online or through your app.
  • Collect funds at Program Events/Campaigns.
  • Through the use of unique QR codes.
  • Engage employees through payroll deduction.

Small Change Makes a Big Change

Data shows that 56.7% of consumers donate at checkout.

Data compiled by
Average Annual Donations
5,000 $220,000
10,000 $440,000
50,000 $2,200,000
100,000 $4,400,000
200,000 $8,800,000

Become a Round It Up America® Mission Partner Today!

  1. Complete our Become a Partner inquiry form
  2. A Round It Up® representative will schedule a phone call to discuss your interest in the program and answer any questions
  3. Review and sign the Mission Partner Agreement (this will be sent by RIUA®)
  1. Select your 501(c)(3) charity/charities by completing the Fund Allocation Form and the setup process will begin
  2. Once the 501(c)(3) charities have been vetted, a Round It Up® representative will schedule an introductory call with the chosen charities to discuss the program and provide the necessary Grant Agreements
  3. Program goes live and donations are collected!

Some of Our Participating Mission Partners